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July 28, 2012
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You'd told that Strider to stay away from Karkat. The blonde had told you that they were only kismesises, but you wanted that motherfucker out of Karkat's life. So you had told him that if he really cared for Karkles, that he would stay away from him. Or else.

TC: hello, MOTHERFUCKER. We need to talk.

TG: wheres your stupid typing quirk
TG: are you mad bro

TC: SHUT THE MOTHERFUCK UP, STRIDER. Im here to talk about karkat.

TG: what about him
TG: hes ok right

TC: hell be even better once youre out of his quadrants

TG: man what the hell are you talking about
TG: i dont understand your stupid troll card deck symbols
TG: but karkat and i are fuckin tight
TG: so you need to lay off

TC: youre the one who needs to lay off. If you dont ill make you regret it.
TC: if you really felt affection for him, you will back down.

TG: …
TG: fine

TC: thats what i motherfucking thought

TG: yo clown shit
TG: i aint done
TG: check this video out

You clicked the link that the little fucker sent you and watched the video. BIAPHMEY! HOW DARE HE MAKE FUN OF YOU AND WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN! You had stood up and trashed your chair and left, but not before looking into Karkat's eyes. He would understand soon enough everything you're doing for him. You disappeared through the transportalizer and went to your horn pile, waiting for him to come crying to you again once Strider broke up with him.

But he never did.

You waited, and waited, and waited. You waited some more, becoming a little anxious. Either the cool kid hadn't told the Cancer yet, or Karkat wasn't coming to you for comfort. You stood from the horn pile, casting a glance to the sopor pie filled tin trays in the corner. You hadn't eaten one in awhile, what with being too preoccupied doing other important things. Maybe you should. There are voices inside your head that you haven't heard from since you started eating sopor. They're back.

You headed for the transportalizer and you were transported back to the lab where you were greeted by the sight of Kanaya and everyone else but Terezi huddled around Karkat who was screaming and sobbing again. You stood there, your eyes slowly dilating until they were narrowed slits.


You had watched for what seemed like a sweep until you went back through the transportalizer. Your fists were clenched, your long yellow nails digging into the palms of your hands. You could barely make out the sound of your indigo blood dripping on the floor as the voices inside your head yelled and whispered to you.

You think you'll listen to them for once.

Right now you are sitting in front of your husk top, a little puppet seated in your lap. You remember seeing it in Dave Strider's timeline, and at first you were hesitant about touching something of that motherfucker's, but it had talked to you.

Haa Haa Hee Hee Hoo Hoo

You look down at it fondly. It knows how you feel; it gets how much you want to cull everyone just about now. It knows the deep pitted fire that's growing in your belly and the feeling of jealousy.

It says it can help you.

"Lil' Cal," you say, rolling the puppets name on your tongue. "Lil' Caaaallllll."

It looks up at you and raises one arm dressed in green felt and touches your face. You smile wickedly.

You can tell me anything, Gamzee~

"Yeah, motherfucker? Alright. YOU SEE, there's this little shit that I have a FLUSH CRUSH ON, but he doesn't love me back. I'VE DONE EVERYTHING I CAN TO MAKE HIM ALL MINE, but everyone keeps getting in my way."

That sounds like a serious problem, Gamzee.

"FUCK YEAH it is."

And what are you going to do about it?

Your grin widens, all of your sharp teeth exposed. "I'm going to cull all of 'em. And when I get that motherfucking Kanaya, the last troll to fill any of his quadrants but me, I will tear her to shreds."

What about your little crush? What are you going to do with him?

"I'll make him love me, Lil' Cal. He'll love me and no one else."

The puppet in your lap twists his whole body around until his stuffed chest is flush against yours. He holds your face in both of his hands, your gazes never wavering once.

Don't make him forget that you are his master. You are a fucking Highblood and he is a mutant. Don't let him forget it.

YES! You are a Highblood, an all mighty and powerful SUBJUGGLATOR! And Karkat- he's a motherfucking mutant. But you love him. You love him so much that it hurts. The voices inside your head want him dead with the others, but Lil' Cal understands that you can't do that. You'd never be able to do that.

"I will. I will motherfucking shower him in all my love," you growl, riled up by the thought of it. Lil' Cal pats your cheeks before settling back down. You can hear him sigh, long and deep inside your head. You find yourself sighing with him, loving the feeling that things are finally going to go your way for once. It's been long awaited. No more being deemed the stupid high fucker and then tossed aside. You are higher than them. You will make them pay for their stupidity.

You are silent as you go through the halls of the lab. You slowly go from room to room looking for her. For Terezi.

You finally find her in her room, huddled on the floor with littered tissues surrounding her. Her blind eyes are closed and she appears to be asleep. You can imagine her coming here after she broke up with Karkat, laying on the floor in front of her husk top and watching some Troll police show while she cried. It's what happens when you don't have a moirail to keep you grounded. You think you'll put her out of her misery.

In both of your hands are your clubs, pearly white and waiting to be splattered with some peasantblood. You lazily drag them along the ground, and Terezi's eyes blink open instantly.  She sits up, her head swiveling to catch the sounds of floor meeting clubs and dark chuckling. She sniffs the air, once. Then twice.

"Gamzee? Is that you?" she asks, already knowing the answer. Her nose doesn't lie.  Maybe you'll break it like she did your Karkat's.

Your answer is a club to the face. She practically flips backwards while still sitting and you laugh. Oh how long you have wanted to do that. Every time you saw her and Karkat kiss you wanted to bust her teeth in. Seeing them together was repulsing enough without having them smashing faces.

Terezi doesn't cry out with pain like you want. She's a strong motherfucker, and she gets to her feet, wiping the teal-blood from her nose to her arm. She grabs her cane off the floor and takes off the tip that goes on the ground, revealing a sharp blade attached to the top half. It looks pretty deadly.


"Gamzee, I don't want to hurt you," Terezi warns. "Please get out now."

You take a menacing step closer. "Oh, but I want to hurt you. I'VE BEEN WAITING TO FOR A LONG TIME," you say, your voice rising with each word. Good thing no one is around to hear you claiming totally insanity. All those suckers are in the lab.

Terezi brings her eyebrows together. "Why?" Does she really not get it? Is she really this stupid?

"YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER, I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN LOVE KARKAT. DO YOU HEAR ME? DO YOU HEAR ME, YOU TEAL-BLOODED BITCH?" you scream, swinging at her with a club. She quickly brings up her cane to block and shifts her weight on her legs as you press forward, determined to maim her.

"Gamzee, you need help. Some serious help." Terezi jumps back and your club smash into the ground where she had been standing. "Have you told Karkat how you felt about him?"

No, that's not an option. You wouldn't be able to survive if he rejected you. You would rather get your hands dirty and do things the hard way. It's so much more fun.

You bring your arm back, taking a deep breath through your nose as you throw your club at the other. She can't feel the movements in the air until it's too late, and the club collides with her face again, sending her into the wall. BATTA BATTA, SWING!

You walk towards her. She's slumped over, propped up by the wall. You are pretty sure that you have shattered her nose and broken her cheekbone. The same fucking cheekbone that Karkat would kiss quickly when they passed in the halls. Damn it, she's covered in memories of him.

You are disgusted. She doesn't cry or whimper or cower. She just sits there, bleeding all over the damn floor. Your pupils are pin points surrounded by a sea of bright yellow. You can't help but feel a prick of admiration. This must be why Karkat liked her. She could pull her own weight, despite being blind. She wouldn't let you blow her off just because she couldn't see. She could kick butt, and she did. That is, until you culled her.

Your clubs are splattered with teal-blood as you pull away from the mutilated body that once could have been recognized as a Terezi Pyrope. But now it's just a bundle of bone marrow, blood, stardust, and most importantly, miracles.

You dip your index and middle finger into a pool of blood that's starting to crawl along the floor, leaving tracks of teal. You dart your tongue out to have a taste of it, and you conclude that it tastes pretty motherfucking good. You press the two fingers to the wall above the dead and now cooling body, drawing >: o]. You pick up a pair of red glasses from the floor and put them on.

You hope Karkat likes this little present, the beginning of many to come.
pairing(s): Gamzee/Karkat which soon becomes Sober!Gamzee/Karkat. Also some DaveKat

about: Gamzee wants to be more in Karkat's life. He wants to be in the Cancer's red quadrant. However, Karkat is cheating on Terezi with Dave and Gamzee is deturmined that he will have no one but himself as his matesprit.

i have a little head cannon of mine that when a troll loses someone from one of their pail feeling quadrants, such as matespritship and their kismesis, they go through a physically painful detachment as well as a mental one.

you guys finally learn why Dave broke up with Karkat. also, check out the link Dave sent Gam. you'll hate me later >.>

oh my goodness, writing this creeped me out lol. Gamzee Vs. Terezi fight scene so enjoy (o: thanks to all you guys who are intrested in this story :iconluvluvplz:

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 4: no link yet )o:
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